Geo-Engineering – Poisoning the Planet to Save It!

Rarely do I permit human folly to get to me – I am aware of too much of it already!

Notwithstanding my clear view of collective human stupidity, arrogance and greed, this film had the potential of catching me unawares! Finally we have a credible and documented rationale for “chemtrails” something I had nonchalantly pigeon-holed as another one of those many conspiracy theories. I no longer do so, particularly as my preventative health advisers and I have been wondering where the excess aluminium in my body might have been originating from – from the sky!

Please set aside 1h 37mins to watch this, and endure the boring bits. At the end there is no denying by politicians that this is happening, alongside agreement by the scientists that we know too little about the effects, both on global climate as well as human and all life. And the suspicion lingers that some pharmaceutical company is potentially working on products that will counter the effect of these “trials” on human, animal and plant life.


Note, this film was funded by private individuals from all over the globe!